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What do you do when everything and everyone around you is corrupt and no one knows how to spell the word honesty?

Messages With A Meaning

 Messages Book Cover (2)

Messages With A Meaning speaks to the dynamics surrounding the relationship between the ‘Leader’ and those that follow and are affected by that leadership. There’s a mutual responsibility that both leader and people have toward each other and this book deals with those responsibilities and realities.

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What a wonderful, refreshing account of the pastor, his wife, his children and the church members. I enjoy the fact that the need of the pastoral family is highlighted in a manner that is non-threatening and not listed a greater priority than that of the families within the church. The plight of the pastoral family is well represented and Rev. James West reveals a well-balanced manner in which a church membership can benefit if the pastor and his family is appreciated properly. Pastors can read this collection of sermonettes and begin to appreciate the awesome reasonsible position they have been called into and parishioners can read it and understand from a scriptural point of view that part of our obedience to God is to care for the pastoral family.

Well done,  James I can certainly use from these sermons in my ministry to pastoral families

God bless

Henry Kirby-(Ministry Leader, Cape Town, South Africa)

“What do you do when you’ve become full of messages that you’ve prepared down through the years for pastors, kingdom leaders, marriage and family persons, kingdom servants, men, women, seniors and youth?  You do what Dr. James West did…place them in one book and make them available stateside and abroad. You give men and women an opportunity to glean from your life experiences as you challenge and encourage them to fulfill their dreams and visions. Keep reading…you will be blessed”

Dr. Wanda, (Minister, Author, & Radio Host-Choicago, Illinois)

 “Dr West has made a very valuable contribution in this book. At a time when the world appears so uncertain and fragile, he reminds us of the eternal hope there is in the powerful word of God.”

Lord John Taylor (of Warwick, House of Lords-London, United Kin

This short, sweet, and to the point novel is composed of sincerity, experience and Biblical stories for reference. All pieces mold this book into a guide of how to conduct oneself accordingly in a plethora of situations. I enjoy this solely because the timing of the text is relevant, equally for my generation, if taught this early on, this is the key for prospering in life. The insight that is shared within this book serves as integral insight for success, insight that I will maintain and continue to read and analyze and contemplate. So to Dr. West I bid thank you for your words that are well written with a meaning that manifests an everlasting impact.

Ashley Sheats (Production Engineer with Impact Church(East Point, Georgia), Active Scholar at Carver Early College High School and Georgia State University & International Ambassador)


The English Language

Why is it that the most popular and most used language in the world so messed up? Why do we have so many words spelled differently and yet pronounced the same way? Is the ‘N’ word such a bad word? Do you really know the true definition of the ‘N’ word?